During the winter holiday, people all over the world writes the greeting cards.
It is same here in Japan, but we write and send it by end of the year so person who gets them can receive on the new year's day.
We can buy postcards like this and write the message, order a family photo cards online, or buy a digital kit and create your own cards.
Usually, it contains all sorts of decorations that presents happy, wealth, health and lucks and you just stick them where you like on the cards.
So here're some that I made.
This is OKAZARI (お飾り)
This is HAGOITA (羽子板) and kids play with this during the new year's holidays.
There're ones to play, but there're artistic version to decorate the room and those are beautiful!
This is KAGAMI-MOCHI (鏡餅).
The Mochi is now well known in other countries so I might not have to explain, but this is the rice cake.
We used to make the rice cakes couple of  before the new year's day, and eat it on the 11th of January wishing our health.
Lastly, this is KADOMATSU (門松)🎍
We put them in front of the houses gates. It's always a pair.
So I'm planning to add more decoration parts in the future. If you're interested, please follow this project!
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